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Every Exmoor pic now on the website !

After several years, I'm delighted to announce that every picture I've taken of Exmoor is now up on the website. That's thousands more pics than were there last year, so to see all my images of Exmoor, have a look here: http://www.nevillestanikkphotography.co.uk/gallery/262/Exmoor/

Posted in News by Neville on 14/01/2015

Big storm at Woolacombe

I've lost track of the rain and storms that we've had this winter but here was the latest one on the 8th February 2014. This was at Barricane Beach at Woolacombe here in North Devon and although it was high tide it wasn't a high enough one to have the waves breaking over on to the clifftop but the waves out to sea were enormous and the gusts of wind were too strong to stand against.

To see of all today's Barricane Beach storm pics, have a look here, or to see all my Woolacombe pics, have a look here.

Posted in News by Neville on 08/02/2014

Somerset Levels, flooded and very level indeed

I went to the Somerset Levels on Sunday and found, to my surprise that there were no Police roadblocks stopping you going gawping, just signs that said how far the road went. Got to Burrowbridge, where the media circus has been, and had a good look round. Absolutely fascinating. Lots of people out and about, having a look and, in fact, quite a jolly atmosphere. If these floods happen every year, there's no way anyone's going to spend the sort of money that's needed to keep the Levels dry. I think they'll abandon them.

Anyway. I went to two places:- Athelney, which you can see here

Burrow Mump, which you can see here


Posted in News by Neville on 06/02/2014

New landscapes at Crow Point

I've uploaded some pics of Crow Point to the website showing the effects of this winter's storms. The thin strip of sand dunes that connected Braunton Burrows to the "island" at the end has been completely washed away leaving only a row of boulders that were put there at some point to prevent exactly this event (but ultimately failed, obviously). I think the island will be washed away within the next few years and the whole geography of the estuary will change. To see all the pics of the new Crow Point, have a look here

Posted in News by Neville on 06/02/2014

Got pictures in BBC Countryfile magazine !

Very pleased that I've got a whole bunch of my Devon pictures in BBC Countryfile magazine this month (February 2014). Didn't get the cover unfortunately but the first major article in the magazine is entitled "Devon, Beyond the Brochure" and starting with a nice double page spread of Rockham Bay, that and most of the rest of the pics are mine.

Posted in News by Neville on 01/02/2014

Broadchurch is two places

Those watching "Broadchurch" might be interested to know that it's filmed in two places: Clevedon in Somerset and West Bay in Dorset. Above are the church where the dodgy vicar (Rory from Dr Who) presides and then the high street where the newspaper office is (it's half way down on the right). And then below are the cliffs at West Bay where Danny fell (or was pushed) from.

Look at my pictures of Clevedon here. You can look at my two pictures of West Bay here but if you're interested in more then watch this space as I've got more to upload.

Posted in News by Neville on 12/04/2013

Glastonbury Tor - Cover story

This August's edition of Somerset Life magazine features a picture of mine of Glastonbury Tor. It was taken a couple of weeks ago when I thought the deadline for that shoot was running out and I had to go there even though grey skies were forecast. Luckily, it got sunnier and sunnier and bluer and bluer but it also got windier and windier and that's why the man at the bottom right of the picture is leaning so far forward. It's not just the lens distortion, he's fighting the wind, against which you could hardly stand. Obviously a tripod was pointless but even seeing through the viewfinder was a problem as tears sprang instantly to my eyes as I had to lift my head into the wind. It all seemed to add something to the experience, though, and I always think wind adds a fourth dimension to any scene you experience it in.

Glastonbury Tor, or course, is the name of the hill. This tower is St Michael's tower, all that remains of a church that originally stood here. Built sometime between 900 and 1000AD, it fell down in an earthquake in 1275 and a smaller one was built. That survived as a church until 1539 when Glastonbury Abbey was Dissolved.

I did take other pictures of Glastonbury that day and they feature in an article about the town. To see all my images of Glastonbury, have a look here.

Posted in News by Neville on 27/08/2012

Digital Landscape Photography course starts on 26/9/12

It would be lovely if this picture (Hartland Quay, the way) represented a typical evening on my Landscape Photography night school course but sadly it's a bit more classroom-bound than that. Well my bit is anyway, the students are indeed free to do this if they wish, and I wish they would!

On to specifics then: I'll be teaching a 10 week course on Landscape Photographer at Petroc college, Barnstaple. It'll start on Wednesday the 26th September and run for ten weeks. It'll cost £75 but I expect there are concessions. If you've got queries, you can always ring me and if you want to enrol then go the college's website here http://www.petroc.ac.uk/courses/c356566064/digital-landscape-photography

This will be the third year I've run it and it just goes to show how fast things in the field of photography are moving because three years ago, the "Digital" in the title was necessary to differentiate it from "film" but that's not really needed anymore so I think next year it'll just be "Landscape Photography".

It's for anyone who wants to improve their landscape photography but, and this is the thing I have to stress every year, you DO have to go and do some photography. Big plus points are - having a camera that'll take RAW images and having a fairly up to date version of Photoshop, but you can get by without them.

Posted in News by Neville on 18/08/2012

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