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Morning at Watersmeet

Watersmeet is a deep valley on Exmoor where Farley Water and the East Lyn River meet. If you're hoping for full sunshine there then noon in summer is your best chance but there are gorges going in different directions so it's always worth consulting a map to see which little bits might be illuminated at any time of day. This picture represents the triumph of photographing things in RAW. I have changed cameras - I used to use a Fuji S5 Pro and, although I still think its colour is superior, I've had to upgrade to a Canon 5D for the sake of the increased megapixels. If I'd made that leap it seemed only sensible to learn how to use RAW and, after various failed attempts (learning something isn't easy on your own, you have to rely on books, DVDs and online tutorials) it's finally clicked. Working my old way, with composited JPEGs, I could've got some way towards this picture but I never could've truly managed the huge evening out of contrast that RAW has managed. I'm hugely impressed with the power of it and eager to see where it goes. I think it's equal in importance to the move from film to digital or from black and white to colour. To see more pics of Watersmeet, have a look here.

It's probably time to mention again that all the images on my website are available as prints (mounted or unmounted), canvasses or digitally for commercial use. For more info on that, have a look here.

Posted in Equipment by Neville on 15/06/2012

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