Calm evening at Lymstone

A lovely still evening at Lympstone waterfront. Lots of people think Lympstone is full of Royal Marine Commandos but their base is miles up the road. Lympstone itself is a quiet picturesque village with little winding streets.

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Posted in Places by Neville on 28/04/2016

Memories of sunset over Exmoor

Anyone remember the sun ? No, me neither. Here's a pic to remind us what it looked like. This is a summer's evening view from Culbone Hill on Exmoor out towards Lynmouth and the sea. To see more pictures of sunsets on Exmoor, have a look here.


Posted in Places by Neville on 18/12/2015

Lazy summer afternoon on the way to Exmoor

Today's picture is one I took in the summer. It's a road from South Molton up on to Exmoor and I took it in the midday glare of summer. Normally that's a no no in landscape photography but I'm convinced there's something to be said for it as it evokes something completely different from the traditional late or early shot. It's more languid, more sweltry, it's the light of picnics.

Barnstaple in a winter mood

Frosty morning in Barnstaple. The trees on the right are no longer there as work has started on the new Anchorwood site (as that bank is now called) but I still like the pic as a nice atmospheric winter pic.
If you like the picture, please share it and if you'd like to see more of winter pics, have a look here.

Posted in Places by Neville on 13/12/2015

Someone's pride and joy at North Molton

Here's a picture of a front garden in North Molton, here in North Devon. Every time you get a house that does this sort of thing, you get a diminishing effect each side. Both neighbours feel they should keep up to some extent so their gardens are half as good and then their neighbours feel less of the same social pressure and their gardens are a quarter as good.
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Posted in Places by Neville on 11/12/2015

Not much left of Westward Ho1 pier !

Back in Victorian times, coastal steamers were all the rage and every town on the coast wanted a piece of the action. Even towns you never would've thought of as being suitable for a pier tried to have one even if they failed after a short time. Here are the remains of Westward Ho's pier that lasted only 7 years (1873 - 1880).
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Posted in Places by Neville on 10/12/2015

Just a cotton pickin' moment...

Here's something a bit more summery. It's cotton grass at Bursdon Moor, which is a bit of moorland near Hartland. There's nothing at all there at first glance which is why, as a photographer, I keep returning to it to try and MAKE something of what IS there.
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Posted in Places by Neville on 09/12/2015

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