Neville Stanikk - About Me

all my pictures are unashamedly dramatic & romantic

I've been photographing landscapes for years and years but it wasn't until I decided to take all the photographs I would need for a book on the New Forest, that things got going.

The book was never published but some of the photographs were published as greetings cards and I was invited to photograph a book about Southampton, where I lived at the time.This book, "Southampton, Portrait of a Maritime City", was published in 2000. As I was working in advertising at the time, it took two years of my spare time and cost £2000 in film and processing.

Then, in 2001, I moved to North Devon, naively thinking I'd carry on in advertising but things don't work that way here and I seriously took up being a photographer. I showed my pictures around whoever would look at them and, luckily, Devon Life used a snowy picture of Hay Tor for its December 2001 cover. This led on to work for Somerset Life and Cornwall Life as well as Exmoor magazine which, at the time, was published by Halsgrove, the publishers of my Southampton book. They noticed the Exmoor pictures I was submitting and invited me to photograph a book on Exmoor. "Perfect Exmoor" came out in 2008, followed by "Exmoor, A Winter's Tale" (about the moors in the winter) in 2009 and "Portrait of the Somerset Coast" in 2010.

I currently supply images to all the aforementioned publications as well as many others. I work closely with North Devon +, Exmoor National Park, North Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and all of the many varied organisations and companies who have a need for my images.

My philosophy of landscape photography is this: having failed to escape to another world, either in a spaceship or through a wardrobe, I try and photograph this one as if it was a brand new planet I'd just arrived on. All my pictures are unashamedly dramatic and romantic. They're all "location stills" just waiting for the actors to appear but they're all also propaganda to persuade people to see this New World by going to the places I go to, at unearthly times and looking at it with the care I do. Then they too will see a world they've never visited before.
Neville Stanikk