Stock photography of picturesque Lanzarote

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Ah ! I've finally realised that the point of a blog on this website is to talk to Google about the stock photography of Lanzarote, the picture library of Lanzarote, the images of Lanzarote for sale and the general photography of Lanzarote. So let's mention that Lanzarote is part of the the Canary Islands (or Canaries) which is, in turn, part of Spain. In most ways, it's no different than visiting a dry part of Spain but the vulcanism of the island makes all the difference. The volcanoes and the lava.

The picture here is of Papagayo Beach at the southern end of Lanzarote. There are are few beaches here and although I'm sure that locally they must have different names, they all seem to fall under the heading of Papagayo. Anyway, the vulcanism continues here as the dust of the Rubicon Desert and its underlying lava give way to the sea and that's the way they've kept it. Only a dirt track several miles long can get you there.

So that's today's picture, today's bit of stock photography, today's example of landscape photography of Lanzarote and if you'd like to see more, go here