Photography of Ilfracombe

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I see from the website that there are nearly 1000 pictures of Ilfracombe in my picture library so I thought it was worth a post saying just that. I've been photographing Ilfracombe ever since I arrived in North Devon in 2001. Although it faces north, which is a disadvantage, Ilfracombe does have a lot of up-and-down-ness and in-and-out-ness which makes it interesting visually. Ilfracombe harbour is the only harbour of any size in the area so that always makes interesting pictures. Actually, there's quite a lot to photograph in Ilfracombe, many images of Ilfracombe to be had : Wilder's Mouth beach and the Landmark Theatre; Damien Hirst's statue, "Verity", overlooking the breakwater; the little St Nicholas's Chapel on Lantern Hill overlooking the harbour; the town and High Street of Ilfracombe; the huge bulk of Hillsborough, the promontory opposite the harbour, and the coves and beaches such as The Tunnels Beaches, only accessible through (as the names suggests) a tunnel, Rapparee Cove near the harbour mouth and Hele Bay around the other side of Hillsborough. All these locations in Ilfracombe come into their own in the summer when they're illuminated in the morning and evening by the sun in the northern half of the sky. That's when images of Ilfracombe really come into their own. Being a photographer in North Devon and a photographer OF North Devon, I've enjoyed creating the picture library of Ilfracombe that many have used as stock photography for magazines or books and I look forward to creating many more pictures of Ilfracombe.