Photography Books by Neville Stanikk

My books highlight many of my photographs. I have also supplied many photographs for travel guides and co-authored publications.

Portrait of the Somerset Coast

by Neville Stanikk

My photographic journey along one of the most unknown, yet fascinating and varied, stretches of the British coastline. High cliffs to low beaches, ancient to modern, deserted to bustling. This book has already inspired many people I know to go and explore this region they'd never previously visited, or even known about.

Exmoor a Winter’s Tale

by Neville Stanikk

I had no idea, when I was commissioned to do this book, that a chronological journey through winter on Exmoor, would be such a vivid experience that it created my best Christmas since childhood. The huge snowfalls also helped to make it a true celebration of winter and a different way of appreciating the landscape.

Perfect Exmoor

by Neville Stanikk

Having both moorland and a spectacular coast, Exmoor is Britain's smallest National Park yet one filled with natural wonders and places to visit. Living on its doorstep, it's been my privilege to record it in all its moods and seasons.

Southampton - Portrait of a Maritime City

by Neville Stanikk with Barry Miles

My first book was a portrait of the city where I lived at the time. The pictures were divided according to the City's logo - old, green, water and new. Now out of print, it taught me to see beauty in an urban setting and the art of architectural photography. The pictures here are scans from the book as the whole thing was done on film.